Daniel Quiñones, RN

Affiliate: Sharp

Unit: Psych I.C.U.

Health Care Professional Since: 2003

UNAC/UHCP Member Since: 2007

"My mom is a Registered Nurse and she strongly encouraged me to earn my RN degree. I have always admired nurses for their expertise and compassion and am proud that I chose to work in this respected profession. Becoming an RN has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life."

I started at Sharp Mesa Vista as a Travel RN in January 2005 and became a regular staff member on the evening shift. That’s how I learned about the Sharp Professional Nurses Network, UNAC/UHCP and my right to have a voice in the workplace. I wanted to learn more about being a union member, because I didn’t know what it meant to be in a union when I lived in the Midwest.

Back home, I did know what it was like to work at a hospital without a union. We weren’t acknowledged as professionals and had no voice in the workplace. It was clear that our experience as RNs wasn’t considered important to improving patient care. Our jobs were at risk if we didn’t take on heavy patient loads and we were instructed not to discuss forming a union.

Today, I am proud to say that I have the opportunity to represent my colleagues as a union member. When I participate in our RN advisory committee meetings, it isn’t just my voice management hears. It’s our voice. There is power in numbers and we can accomplish so much more standing together than we ever could fending for ourselves. What makes being a UNAC/UHCP member even better is that the dues we pay to make all of these positive contributions possible are just around the cost of buying one soda a day. I think it’s a great investment.

By getting involved, I’ve learned that RNs and other health care professionals make the most effective contributions to patient care when we feel like we can speak up for our patients and stand up for our profession. I do my best to educate my colleagues about the value of being a UNAC/UHCP member. By listening to what I have to say, they can recognize for themselves how important it is to be active in our union. Our union is our voice.

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