KWHRNA Officer Candidate Bios

November 2017

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Officer Candidate Biographies


Darryl Drew de Haas

For Clinic President

Darryl Drew de Haas PA-C
Clinic President Candidate

My life began with my birth at Kaiser Sunset. During the formative years of my life I was a patient at Kaiser Panorama City and this is where I saw firsthand the care and compassion of health care providers that motivated
me to pursue a career in medicine.

After becoming a PA and working in private clinics and large hospitals I developed a successful mobile medical business that served the rural areas of California.

On February 8, 1995, I was born again as I started my career at the Kaiser Woodland Hills Medical Center. Over the course of the next twenty years I was both a non-represented and union employee and learned firsthand the
meaning of solidarity.

Upon accretion into UNAC/UHCP in 2013 I volunteered to help our union as a union steward and pursuant to this was appointed contract specialist and later served out the term as union secretary.

I participated at every level of union leadership including grievance hearings, negotiations, and leadership meetings and worked tirelessly to protect our contract and build union capacity.

That is my story. I look forward to hearing yours.

In Solidarity,
Darryl Drew de Haas



Belinda "Bea" Redding

For Clinic President

Belinda Redding RN, BSN, MSN .ED
KWHRNA Clinic President
UNAC/UHCP Board of Director

My name is Belinda “Bea” Redding and I am running for Clinic President at Woodland Hills Medical Center. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to read my biography. I am asking for your vote. If elected, I promise to represent your interest with moral principles and passion.

I have been a Registered Nurse for 30 years and a UNAC/UHCP union member 24 years. For the past 13 years, as an elected Officer, I have been advocating for Health Care Professionals in the workplace. I served as Contract Specialist two consecutive terms increasing my knowledge of the contract and the National Agreement. I was elected to UNAC/UHCP Board of Directors at the 2012 convention and re-elected in 2016 where I currently

During my tenure, I have resolved several grievances successfully, participated in organizing campaigns, been involved in political activities, engaged in work during negotiations, and attended several conventions.

To that end, my work is not done; I ask for your vote for Clinic President to bring my years of union negotiating experience and nursing knowledge to the bargaining table for the 2018 local negotiations.



April Deem

For Treasurer

April Deem has been working in the medical field for the past 20 years. Working as a Medical Assistant, CNA, then Phlebotomist while studying to be a Registered Nurse. April worked as a Registered Nurse at Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills Medical Center on 5North Telemetry/Stroke Unit for almost eight years. During this time she became Skin Champion, Relief Charge Nurse, and DOU cross-trained. April advanced her career by becoming Charge Nurse on DOU for the last three years. She continues to be a Skin Champion as well as a member of the Patient Education Committee. Within her first three months as Charge nurse of DOU, she received an Excellence Award for her dedication, organizational skills, and maintaining patients safety. April is a passionate, articulate, and hard working professional that puts her all into supporting the staff and their goals.



Una Bantug

For Hospital Vice President

Una Bantug, BSN, RN

Hello my UNAC/UHCP KWHRNA family!

Many of you know me as the 5 North Charge Nurse, 2016 Contract Specialist, or 2017 Steward Chair. As a leader, I have been a strong advocate for nurses and our practice for over nine years! I have represented nurses in corrective action, I have worked on our hospital policies and procedures, and I have advocated for safe nursing practice that directly impacts patient care and the quality of care we provide. I have fought many battles in the committees (Nurse Practice, Nurse Quality, Geriatrics, Workplace Violence, Patient and Family Education) on which I sit to ensure that our commitment to patient safety, high quality patient care, and positive patient outcome remains the top priority. I will always advocate and represent nurses with the highest regards, which was why I was given the Extraordinary Nursing Care award. I will continue these efforts to ensure that our voice is always heard in any form or fashion.

Frontline nurses are the heart of the healthcare!



"Nisha" Mwanaisha Hilton

For Hospital Vice President

Nisha” Mwanaisha Hilton RN, BSN

My name is Nisha Hilton seeking election as Hospital Vice President and I am asking for your vote.  I began my nursing career 18 years ago as a burn trauma ICU nurse, where I was certified as a hyperbaric oxygen therapy nurse. I am currently working as a staff nurse in PACU. During my career, I was privileged to have been charge nurse and a nurse preceptor. I started working at Kaiser as a traveler nurse at various Kaisers in Northern and Southern California. As a traveler at Kaiser, I was able to observe and appreciate the benefits of having a strong union presence in the hospital. The majority of my career was at a non-union facility, where the practice was always unsafe, and the nurses had no one to advocate for their rights to adequate pay, benefits or safe staffing ratios.  That experience prepared me for the present. I decided that when I became staff, I would become actively involved in the Union, by becoming a union steward and then being appointed as Hospital Vice President. I will continue my dedication to become a strong voice for our members.