KWHPA Officer Candidate Bios

November 2017

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Officer Candidate Biographies


Natalie Okorie

For Hospital President

Natalie Elizabeth Okorie is a Registered Nurses with Kaiser Permanente. Her employment began in 2008 at Kaiser Permanente in West Los Angeles. She works as a staff nurse in the Intensive Care Unit. Natalie's dedication was recognized and she was promoted to charge nurse for the night shift.

Mrs. Okorie obtained her Associates Degree in Nursing from Southwest College on June 15, 2007. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing on April 20, 2017 from Western Governor's University.

Natalie has received many awards and recognitions during her tenure as a Registered Nurse. Mrs. Okorie will continued to grow in her profession and make a positive impact in the healthcare filed.


Dean Hernandez

For Representative Coordinator

Hello My Name is Dean Hernandez. I have been an employee for Kaiser Permanante for the past11 years.  I have had the pleasure of experiencing the triumphs of our institution. Also being a part of Kaiser for soo long, I have seen it’s failures. Moving from Kaiser Fontana, Kaiser Riverside, Bladwin Park and now West LA, I can say I have experienced and been a part of the different approaches in making a successful unit. Keeping RN staff content with positive results using my experience and communication skills. I will add my uniqueness to further progress my position as a Rep coordinator. I can be a liaison between staff, union and management. Being out spoken and having a strong voice, concerns will be heard. Once issued as a union representative, if elected, I would like to approach “block scheduling” being instituted. The schedules need to be redefined, fair to both night and day shift. Opting out or being able to change certain days should be easier and not left up to an employee to run around searching for others to switch.  The LMP needs to be known to all staff. Representation will be known to employees.


Regina Perez

For Parliamentarian

Hello fellow union members! My name is Regina Perez and currently I work as a Dayshift Charge Nurse in Labor and Delivery.  I have been a union member for over 21 years at Kaiser West Los Angeles and currently serve as a Representative Coordinator for our affiliate KWHPA.  I am now running for Parliamentarian and I would love to serve you!  I believe it is important to have an experienced officer in the position as we are heading into contract negotiations and I am willing to sit in the meetings with our 'sea of blue' and have done so for the past few negotiations.

The role of the Parliamentarian entails having the knowledge of what Parliamentarian Procedure is and having served as a Secretary before I believe I have the grasp.  It is important that the officers while meeting, be concise, not waste any time nor money and make all voting handled through the rules of Parliamentary Procedure.

I hope you allow me to serve you, as I am willing to devote much of my time to the benefit of the union.

Please vote for me Regina Perez for your KWHPA Parliamentarian! Thank you!