KDRNA Officer Candidate Bios

November 2017

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Officer Candidate Biographies


Sojourner Lindsey

For Hospital President

Sojourner ”Sojay” Lindsey RN, BSN, PHN has been a registered nurse for over 10 years  in the nursing field for 16+ years. I have worked as a N.A. and LVN so I understand how vital good support staff and nurse patient ratios improve workload issues in the Medical Center.

I will:

  • Represent all working Nurses!
  • I will collaborate with our local affiliate.
  • I work in collaboration with Medical Offices.
  • I understand the challenges in both the Hospital and MOB’s

I will improve communication between our nurses and the hospital leadership by:

  • Including staff in the department on discussions regarding schedule changes and or balancing the staffing.
  • More discussions regarding less travelers and more per diem, part-time and full- time jobs. KDRNA has more non-union travelers than at most other medical centers.
  • Increased conversations with Management regarding back-fill for Life Balance Time off per out CBA.


Contract Specialist in 2016.

Participated in Labor and Delivery hostile work place grievance, resulting in regionally supported issue resolution for Labor and Management.

Supported KDRNA community project, collecting and distribution of backpacks for homeless adults in Downey.

Furthered our union political agenda with community involvement.

Supported safe Nurse-Patient staffing ratios.


Joel Enkhorn

For Hospital President

Dear Downey Registered Nurses,

My name is Joel Enkhorn and I proudly serve as Hospital President for Kaiser Downey Registered Nurses Association. I believe actions speak louder than words.

I hope the work accomplished these past two years provides proof. Under my tenure we have:

  1. Increased hospital staffing by greater than 10%
  2. Increased number of per diem staff for backfill
  3. Promoted new hire “blitz” to fill all positions in a timely manner
  4. Increased number of break relief staff in all departments
  5. Decreased floating instances for regular staff
  6. Increased vacation modules across the board
  7. Streamlined vacation bidding process
  8. Increased number of staff released on “Hard to Fill” holidays
  9. Expectation to follow contractual language for Life Balance release
  10. Decreased Corrective Action throughout Hospital
  11. Extended use of Just Culture Algorithm as response to alleged infractions
  12. Championed educational opportunities versus disciplinary actions
  13. Achieved 50% reduction in serious work place injuries
  14. Progressed from “worst” to “First” among all medical centers for PSP payout
  15. Aggressively promoted the rights of Registered Nurses in all situations

I hope this commitment to excellence earns your continued support and vote!


Joel Enkhorn RN



Camille Alvarez Davis

For Vice President

My name is Camille Alvarez Davis, RN.  I have been working at Kaiser Permanente for the past 28 years.  I have attended all the labor management partnership classes.  I have attended UNA, NUHHCE and State convention in the past representing UNAC/UHCP. I was the Contract Specialist for 2013. I became Affiliate Officer in 2014 holding the position of Master Committee Chair.    I had the opportunity to meet, educate, advise and fight for our members regarding the contract and policy.  And through my rounds I have given you a voice to be heard through the union.  I am UBT Sponsor and part of the work place safety committee.

I will continue to work towards the fair, ethical, and proper treatment of all our nurses. We need leaders that are willing to serve with honesty and integrity. I look forward towards serving you and I am asking you to please vote for me for KDRNA Vice President. I promise to uphold the office to the highest of its integrity and represent our members to the best of my ability and I will fight for you until the end.

Thank You for Your Support


Jennifer Patricio Murillo

For Vice President

I believe in working together on building bridges and not fences. Your values are important to me because you matter the most.

I believe in T.E.A.M = Together Everyone Achieves More. Thank you for your time.