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UNAC/UHCP Scholarship Program Accepting Applications

Download an application today! Apply for a $3,000 Kathy Sackman Member scholarship, a $3,000 Sonia Moseley Family scholarship or a $2,000 Delima MacDonald Community scholarship.

Survey Says: Let’s Do Our Part To Prevent Workplace Violence

UNAC/UHCP is helping members find solutions to workplace violence we can implement in our workplaces. Take the survey!

VIDEO: Deitz on the Partnership, Kaiser Pension

UNAC/UHCP President Ken Deitz, RN, talks about the history of the Partnership and how member involvement was critical in protecting the pension in 2012.

Address Updates

Have you moved to a new residence and need to inform UNAC/UHCP about your change of address? Doing so is easy!

Send an email to AddressChange@unacuhcp.org and be sure to include your name, the name of the UNAC/UHCP affiliate that you work for, your old address, and your new address.… Read more

Workplace Violence – Take the Survey Today!

Health care workers from the United Nurses Associations of California/Union of Health Care Professionals (UNAC/UHCP) launched a campaign against workplace violence in an effort to improve work environments. Assaults in hospitals, especially in emergency rooms, are a very common occurrence but little has been done to regulate safety for health care workers. In May 2014, a study of the incidence and cost of nurse workplace violence by patients or their visitors found that 97% of those surveyed who worked in an emergency room had experienced workplace violence, compared to 73% of non-emergency nurses. On June 19, 2014, UNAC/UHCP nurses traveled to Sacramento to testify in front of the California Occupational Safety Administration (Cal/OSHA) Health Standards board on workplace violence in hospitals. In this video, UNAC/UHCP members who testified at the hearing shared with us their reasons for taking a stand against workplace violence.

Health care workers are not only … Read more

Join Us at the UNAC/UHCP Convention in October

The UNAC/UHCP Convention will be held October 5-8 in Los Angeles. To attend the convention, members must be elected as a delegate to represent an UNAC/UHCP affiliate.

Nominate yourself or a colleague to be a delegate. Click here to go to the online nomination form.

Delegate nominations will close on June 24, 2014 at midnight. You may also look for information in the May/June 2014 Voice member newsletter. Elections will be conducted by mail ballot at the close of nominations.

Below is the number of delegates allotted per affiliate:

Balboa: 4
Bear Valley: 2
Beverly: 8
Garden Grove: 8
Fountain Valley: 34
Kaiser Bakersfield: 4
Kaiser Baldwin Park: 30
Kaiser Downey: 44
Kaiser Fontana: 56
Kaiser Midwives & WOCN: 6
Kaiser Ontario: 24
Kaiser Optometrists: 10
Kaiser Orange County: 70
Kaiser Panorama City/Antelope Valley: 32
Kaiser Riverside: 40
Kaiser San Diego: 72
Kaiser South Bay: 30
Kaiser Specialty: 46
Kaiser … Read more

UNAC/UHCP Members to Testify about Workplace Violence on Thursday

UNAC/UHCP nurses, along with other concerned members of the public, will testify on June 19 at 10 am at a California Occupational Safety Administration (Cal/OSHA) Health Standards Board public hearing regarding workplace violence. These health care workers will share real-life stories of workplace attacks sustained by health care workers while caring for patients.

UNAC/UHCP surveyed its members and other health care professionals on violence in the workplace and the results show a growing trend in hospitals. For instance, 78% of those surveyed had personally experienced workplace violence or knew a co-worker who has been a victim. The majority of violence is perpetrated by patients. One nurse reported being threatened en masse with coworkers in the ER by a patient who said, “I am going to find out where each one of you lives by looking you up on Facebook. Then I’m going to come over to your house and chop … Read more

Our 2014 AFSCME Convention Delegates

The following UNAC/UHCP members have been elected to represent UNAC/UHCP as delegates for the 2014 AFSCME convention in Chicago, Illinois. They are listed below, with their affiliate.

Congratulations to all of them.

Ken Deitz, RN            UNAC/UHCP President
Denise Duncan, RN        UNAC/UHCP Executive Vice President
Charmaine Morales, RN        UNAC/UHCP Secretary
Jettie Deden-Castillo, NP    UNAC/UHCP Treasurer
Moises Alarcon, RN        AT LARGE
Pamela Brodersen, NP        KDRNA
Luzviminada Cruz, RN        KRHCPA
Suzanne Delaney, RN        AT LARGE
Leti Garcia, RN            KRHCPA
Edwin Guardado, RN        SFRNA
Diana Hansen, RN        KRHCPA
Jess Mangubat, RN        KSRNA
John “Tim” Uliasz, RN        KSDHCPA
Michael Zackos, RN        AT LARGE


Teresa Alcala, RN        KSBHPA
Scott Byington, RN        SFRNA
Elizabeth Hawkins, RN        KRHCPA
Michael Hinsley, RN   … Read more

Sign the Petition to Put Patient Safety First at Parkview

Add your name to the petition urging Parkview administration to put patient safety first!

2014 UNAC/UHCP Community Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our 2014 Community Scholarship Winners. Get their vitals below:

Yoyovi Boessi will be using his scholarship to fund his studies at East Los Angeles College, where he’s part of the Respiratory Therapist program. Boessi’s studies haven’t been easy, for nearly two years, she worked in food service as a member of union, while attending classes. She has been recognized several times for her scholastic excellence, not easy while working as well. Boessi grew up in West Africa in Togo. Her drive to help the sick comes from her childhood in Togo, where it was common for people to die of malaria, asthma, and COPD.

Tiffany Ma plans to start nursing school at Azusa Pacific University in the Fall. Ma initially went to medical school after college, where she learned that a patient’s health is more that physical, that it includes emotional and social well-being. In order to be … Read more