Jay O'Brien, RN
SPNN President
Jackie Young, RN
SPNN Vice President
Sheila Berg, RN
SPNN Treasurer
Michelle Byers, RN
SPNN Secretary

Chairs and Co-Chairs

Deborah Shepley, RN
Chair (Mary Birch)
Sherri Scott-Vasquez, RN
Co-Chair (Mary Birch)
Karen Cubelo, RN
Chair (Non-Hospital)
Jan Hodgson, RN
Co-Chair (Non-Hospital)
Shawn McCoy, RN
Chair (Mesa Vista)
Julie Braatz, RN
Co-Chair (Mesa Vista)
Sam Ciechanowicz, RN
Chair (Chula Vista)
Sandi Powers, RN
Co-Chair (Chula Vista)
Jay O'Brien, RN
Chair (Metro)
Gina Schooler, RN
Co-Chair (Metro)
Kristen Palumbo, RN
Chair (Grossmont)
Jill Richison, RN
Co-Chair (Grossmont)

Staff Representatives

Michael Boccio, RN
Staff Representative
Email: Michael.Boccio@unacuhcp.org
Joel Emerson, RN
Staff Representative
Email: Joel.Emerson@unacuhcp.org
Yesenia Godinez
Staff Representative
Email: Yesenia.Godinez@unacuhcp.org

Sharp News

A Victory for Nurses’ Rights at Sharp

Posted on December 19, 2008

UNAC/UHCP members at Sharp HealthCare in San Diego have won a significant victory. An arbitrator on December 17 ruled that Sharp is required to allow a union representative to attend meetings and represent bargaining unit members in those meetings with the employer when members are seeking accommodation because of their medical or physical limitations, and […]

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SPNN Members Launch Quality Liaison Initiative

Posted on January 2, 2008

As part of their hard-won contract this summer, members of the Sharp Professional Nurses Network negotiated a new quality initiative giving health care workers a bigger voice in patient care. The quality liaison program will involve nurses in identifying and resolving concerns about the quality of patient care. The quality liaisons will work with fellow […]

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