Pharmacists (Kaiser)


Lawrence Louie, PharmD
President (Areas: Baldwin Park, South Bay)
Email: upsc.lawrence.louie@gmail.com
Nancy Magnante, PharmD
Vice President, Ambulatory Care (Areas: Antelope Valley/Kern, Panorama City)
Email: upsc.nancy.magnante@gmail.com
Houry Abajian, PharmD
Vice President, Inpatient (Area: Woodland Hills)
Email: UPSC.houry.abajian@gmail.com
John Pok, PharmD
Vice President, MOPC/CRP (Area: Downey)
Email: upsc.john.pok@gmail.com
Gary Laird, PharmD
Vice President, Outpatient (Area: Orange County)
Email: UPSC.Gary.Laird@gmail.com
Robin Borden, PharmD
Secretary (Area: Riverside)
Email: UPSC.Robin.Borden@gmail.com
Daniel Szeto, PharmD
Treasurer (Areas: Fontana/Ontario)
Email: UPSC.Daniel.Szeto@gmail.com
Arpie Mikaelian, PharmD
Steward Coordinator - North (Areas: Los Angeles, West L.A.)
Email: upsc.arpie.mikaelian@gmail.com
Max Wang, PharmD
Steward Coordinator - South (Area: San Diego)
Email: upsc.max.wang@gmail.com

Contract Specialists

Phoebe Jiang, PharmD
2017 Contract Specialist - South (Areas: Baldwin Park, Fontana/Ontario, L.A., Riverside, San Diego)
Cell: 909-962-9757
Email: upscsouth.cs@unacuhcpaffiliate.org
Fred Aziz, PharmD
2017 Contract Specialist - North (Areas: Downey, Orange County, Panorama City, South Bay, West L.A., Woodland Hills)
Cell: 909-962-9750
Email: upscnorth.cs@unacuhcpaffiliate.org

Staff Representatives

Sheri Gotanda, PharmD
Staff Representative (Areas: Baldwin Park, Downey, Orange County, San Diego, South Bay, West L.A.)
Email: Sheri.Gotanda@unacuhcp.org
Dana Hohn
Staff Representative (Areas: Fontana/Ontario, Los Angeles, Panorama City, Riverside, Woodland Hills)
Email: Dana.Hohn@unacuhcp.org
Holly Davenport
Staff Representative (Areas: Antelope Valley/Kern)
Email: Holly.Davenport@unacuhcp.org

Pharmacists (Kaiser) News

The Use Of Temporary Staff

Posted on February 16, 2015

Question from Fontana Pharmacist: “I am seeing many registry RNs daily working at my hospital. Hiring registry RNs (non-UNAC members) is essentially outsourcing jobs. Why hasn’t UNAC done something about it? Or what has UNAC done about it?” Kaiser employs traveling nurses for limited periods of time, usually six to eight weeks, on a sporadic […]

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Staff Shortages and Workload Issues

Posted on February 16, 2015

Question from Fontana Pharmacist: “I am seeing many RNs being short staffed everyday on all floors. I have been hearing this staffing complaint from the RNs that I worked with for years. Why has not UNAC approached KP to address this constant shortage of staffing for its members?” Over the past several months, inpatient staffing […]

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Per Diem Pharmacists: Better Off Under UNAC/UHCP Contract

Posted on February 16, 2015

WAGE DIFFERENTIAL: •    A 20% wage differential has not deterred managers from using UNAC/UHCP-Represented Per Diems because are still less expensive than fully benefited employees. •    UNAC/UHCP contracts specify a minimum Per Diem work commitment so that management must schedule them for a certain number of shifts per quarter (and Per Diems must commit to […]

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The Employment and Income Security Agreement (EISA) In Action

Posted on February 6, 2015

Question from Fontana Pharmacist: “There is a group of nurses from Fontana home health department actively in the process of being laid off by KP. What is UNAC doing to help prevent the layoffs?” Kaiser made a decision last summer to consolidate home health intake services to a central location – Downey Independence Park. Kaiser […]

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Kaiser Pharmacists Unite for Change. Election Began February 13

Posted on February 3, 2015

Kaiser Pharmacists’ chance to join UNAC/UHCP began February 13, with a mail ballot election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board. We encourage all KP Southern California pharmacists to vote for UNAC/UHCP. Vote for change. We encourage all Kaiser UNAC/UHCP members to invite the pharmacists you work with to join UNAC/UHCP. As bargaining for a […]

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Your Protection From Layoff: The Employment and Income Security Agreement

Posted on January 21, 2015

A foundational agreement of the Labor-Management Partnership (LMP) is the Employment and Income Security Agreement (EISA), signed in October 1999. The EISA protects LMP union employees from immediate termination if their position is eliminated, with KP committed to redeploying, not laying off, displaced employees. Practically speaking, what this means is that if your position is […]

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How UNAC/UHCP Spends Union Dues

Posted on January 6, 2015

Click here for a chart that illustrates the UNAC/UHCP 2014-‐2015 budget, and how member dues income is allocated to the various activities of the Union.

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What Would UNAC/UHCP Dues Be?

Posted on December 24, 2014

•    Dues are set by a formula in the UNAC/UHCP constitution. •    No dues paid until a contract has been ratified by the bargaining unit •    UNAC has committed to phasing dues in, as approved by the UNAC/UHCP Board of Directors, over a period of five years as follows: Pharmacists working more than 20 hours […]

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