Pharmacists (Kaiser)


Lawrence Louie, PharmD
President (Areas: Baldwin Park, South Bay)
Email: upsc.lawrence.louie@gmail.com
Nancy Magnante, PharmD
Vice President, Ambulatory Care (Areas: Antelope Valley/Kern, Panorama City)
Email: upsc.nancy.magnante@gmail.com
Houry Abajian, PharmD
Vice President, Inpatient (Area: Woodland Hills)
Email: UPSC.houry.abajian@gmail.com
John Pok, PharmD
Vice President, MOPC/CRP (Area: Downey)
Email: upsc.john.pok@gmail.com
Gary Laird, PharmD
Vice President, Outpatient (Area: Orange County)
Email: UPSC.Gary.Laird@gmail.com
Robin Borden, PharmD
Secretary (Area: Riverside)
Email: UPSC.Robin.Borden@gmail.com
Daniel Szeto, PharmD
Treasurer (Areas: Fontana/Ontario)
Email: UPSC.Daniel.Szeto@gmail.com
Arpie Mikaelian, PharmD
Steward Coordinator - North (Areas: Los Angeles, West L.A.)
Email: upsc.arpie.mikaelian@gmail.com
Max Wang, PharmD
Steward Coordinator - South (Area: San Diego)
Email: upsc.max.wang@gmail.com

Contract Specialists

Phoebe Jiang, PharmD
2017 Contract Specialist - South (Areas: Baldwin Park, Fontana/Ontario, L.A., Riverside, San Diego)
Cell: 909-962-9757
Email: upscsouth.cs@unacuhcpaffiliate.org
Fred Aziz, PharmD
2017 Contract Specialist - North (Areas: Downey, Orange County, Panorama City, South Bay, West L.A., Woodland Hills)
Cell: 909-962-9750
Email: upscnorth.cs@unacuhcpaffiliate.org

Staff Representatives

Sheri Gotanda, PharmD
Staff Representative (Areas: Baldwin Park, Downey, Orange County, San Diego, South Bay, West L.A.)
Email: Sheri.Gotanda@unacuhcp.org
Dana Hohn
Staff Representative (Areas: Fontana/Ontario, Los Angeles, Panorama City, Riverside, Woodland Hills)
Email: Dana.Hohn@unacuhcp.org
Holly Davenport
Staff Representative (Areas: Antelope Valley/Kern)
Email: Holly.Davenport@unacuhcp.org

Pharmacists (Kaiser) News

Pharmacists Negotiations Update: April 24, 2015

Posted on April 24, 2015

Our first two negotiations sessions began with training in the Interest-Based process which UNAC/UHCP has used to win a series of Kaiser strong contracts.

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KP Pharmacists: Join the Contract Action Team

Posted on April 17, 2015

Now that we’re about to begin negotiating our first UNAC/UHCP contract, we need to create a Contract Action Team. What is a Contract Action Team?

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KP Pharmacists Negotiations Team Elected | Bargaining Schedule

Posted on April 3, 2015

The negotiations team has been elected and our bargaining schedule has been released. Negotiations begin April 22.

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Pharmacists: Pre-Negotiations Update

Posted on March 25, 2015

Pharmacists, click through to find out out more about negotiations team voting, focus group meetings, our bargaining survey and future bargaining sessions!

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Important Update Concerning Our Pre-Bargaining Work

Posted on March 20, 2015

Dear Professional Colleague, Negotiations Team Nominations Good news – 51 pharmacists were nominated for the 16 negotiations team positions. Because of the large number of nominees, we have not finished confirming interest and commitment from all 51 nominees. We’ll complete this work over the weekend and mail election ballots on Monday, March 23. Please complete […]

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Nominate Yourself or a Colleague to the Pharmacists Negotiations Team

Posted on March 9, 2015

It is time for the Pharmacists to elect a negotiations team to bargain our first UNAC/UHCP contract. Click here to nominate yourself or a colleague to serve on the team. Our negotiations team will be comprised of sixteen (16) pharmacists – one (1) pharmacist from Baldwin Park, Downey, Downey Central Refill/MOPC, LAMC (Sunset), Panorama City, […]

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Timeline: Local and National Bargaining with UNAC/UHCP

Posted on March 9, 2015

Here’s the anticipated path forward for bargaining a new, superior contract with UNAC/UHCP. March: Elect a new negotiating committee, consisting of 16 pharmacists; complete a bargaining survey; participate in bargaining focus groups. Early April: Bargaining begins for a new local contract; UNAC/UHCP and the Coalition of KP Unions also begin negotiations for a new National […]

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Kaiser Pharmacists Vote to Join UNAC/UHCP

Posted on February 27, 2015

Kaiser Southern California Pharmacists overwhelmingly voted to join UNAC/UHCP in the NLRB-conducted election tallied on February 27. They will now elect a bargaining team and bargain with the strength of over 100,000 members of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions.

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Why Employers Prefer a Defined Contribution Plan Over a Traditional Defined Benefit Pension

Posted on February 20, 2015

Why have so many employers gone to this Defined Contribution Plan instead of the traditional Defined Benefit Plan? Cost and Risk. Here is how our Defined Benefit (traditional) Pension is calculated: the highest average monthly salary during 5 consecutive years of service in the last 10 years X # years of service X 1.45% = […]

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California Pharmacists Association Thank-You to UNAC/UHCP

Posted on February 20, 2015

Shown below is a letter of appreciation from the California Pharmacists Association to UNAC/UHCP President Ken Deitz thanking him for UNAC/UHCP’s ongoing support and collaboration on issues relating to pharmacists. Click here to read the letter full-screen.  

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