Midwives/WOCN (Kaiser)


Nancy Rouse, CNM
Mary Fox, CNM
Vice President CNM
Rosario Vergara, CWON
Vice President CWON
Freida Harary, CNM
Pamela Loera, RN, BSN, CWOCN
Email: pamflores.ham@gmail.com
Monica Viera, CNM
Area Representative (PC, WH, WLA, Sunset/LAMC, Bakersfield/Kern)
Eva Del Castillo, CWON
Area Representative (Riv, Font, Ont)
Email: evadelcastillo5@gmail.com
Diane Hernandez, CNM
Area Representative (Baldwin Park, Downey, South Bay)
Susie Maadanian, CNM
Representation Coordinator
Denise Gershwin, CNM
Area Representative (San Diego)

Staff Representative

Tamara Yildiz, RN
Staff Representative
Email: Tamara.Yildiz@unacuhcp.org

Midwives/WOCN (Kaiser) News

Bargaining Update: April 6, 2012

Posted on April 6, 2012

The CNM/WOCN negotiating team will meet with Management on April 16, 17 and 27. There still remains much to discuss before we reach agreement. Some topics pending discussion are: • Workload Problems: Managing the electronic in basket, lab, call backs, and safe patient load • Backfill/Relief: For time off and to be able to attend […]

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Button Up For a Fair Contract

Posted on April 5, 2012

In April we will wear special campaign buttons to demonstrate that we’re firmly behind our bargaining team, and to send a message to our co-workers and coalition partners that we’re strong, united and committed to winning a fair contract. Check out the back side of this flier for your facility’s Button up Day! “Every UNAC/UHCP […]

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San Jose Team Returns from Bargaining With Kaiser

Posted on April 1, 2012

We just finished three days of National Kaiser Bargaining this week. Thanks to the hundreds of UNAC/UHCP members who attended bargaining this week! You made a difference! This week we discussed our interests and goals in the area of benefits, the partnership, healthy workforce, and the growth of Kaiser. On the last day of bargaining, the benefits group met for part of the day, without management, to discuss our interests in protecting our benefits.

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Bargaining Update: March 30, 2012

Posted on March 30, 2012

The CNM and the WOCN Negotiation team continues to work hard to address the issues that will make a difference for all of you. Bargaining was for two days this week with management and several issues reached consensus. • Corrective Action Process. This language creates a consistent fair process for an impartial investigation if accusations […]

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Bargaining Update: March 22, 2012

Posted on March 22, 2012

The Midwife/WOCN Bargaining Team is on a roll this week at the negotiating table. They have reached consensus on the following language: • Per Diem Agreement–Establishes the commitment of the per diem status with the employer • Established Work Week/Work Day– Definition provides the parameters for payroll purposes • Loss of Seniority Application–Defines when members […]

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A Special Message from Sonia Moseley, NP

Posted on March 20, 2012

As health care professionals, we spend our entire working lives taking care of other people. At the point when we retire, we have demonstrated a profound commitment not just to our profession and our patients, but to Kaiser. Kaiser has sent a clear message through recent actions that it wants to shift the burden of […]

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Kaiser National Bargaining: New Group Sign-Up

Posted on March 16, 2012

Sign up online to attend national bargaining sessions: For UNAC/UHCP’s new group of Kaiser members: Case Managers, Patient Educators; WOCNs and Nurse-Midwives. National Bargaining is where the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente unions–95,000 members including UNAC/UHCP–negotiates for the larger economic and benefits issues. It’s where the fight to secure our pensions and health benefits, and across-the-board […]

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Bargaining Update: March 16, 2012

Posted on March 16, 2012

The CNMs and WOCNs continued to work diligently. The most challenging issue at the table was language on filling of vacancies. After much discussion and a review of the surveys, consensus was reached. The team is currently working on per diem language. Additional bargaining dates have been added to the calendar: March 27 and 28, […]

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Bargaining Update: Progress at the Negotiating Table

Posted on March 9, 2012

The WOCN/CNM Negotiating Team made progress this week on several issues, which creates consistent practices on the following: • Standard time frame to notify an applicant whether or not they’ve been awarded a posted position • Standard time frame for an applicant to accept or decline a position • Definition of the trial period for […]

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Bargaining Update: Big Week

Posted on February 24, 2012

All the things we’ve done for the past few weeks finally came to fruition this week. The following represents some of our productive work: • Recognition and Coverage of the Bargaining Unit • Job Vacancy Protection • Non Discrimination Clause • Definition of the Group Membership • Safety and Health Protection • Probationary Period • […]

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